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Here Is How to Run Your Own Internet Empire With
Powerful Business Hosting, Powerful eCommerce Solution, Auto-Responders, Ad Tracking, Affiliate, Member and Customer Management Services
All In One Place For The LOWEST Price Possible!


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Looking to start a business online? Looking for a place to put up a web site? Looking for a way to send out a newsletter or ezine to your own list of subscribers?

I bet you're being sent all over by Internet Gurus who are willing to throw their affiliate link in front of you. Hoping that you'll sign up for 5 different services that all allow you to do just one thing ... Run a business!

I was in your shoes once. Finally I got up the courage to shout,

'You guys are driving me insane! Show me a service that lets me have a web site, a newsletter, track responses to my ads, set up an affiliate program' and dare I say even MORE without sending me on a year long vision quest to the outskirts of the world wide web!'

Is it too much to ask? That all the tools you and I need to run a business be put into the same virtual toolbox? So you don't have to scour the 'net looking for the web's equivalent to a wrench every time you need one?

Ladies and gentlemen, be forewarned, when I asked these questions - I did NOT get a positive response'

'so I stepped up and did something about it. All the answers to our problems are now packed into something powerful - something I call'

'...Norabots Netprosoft Center!'

Greetings Online Marketing Enthusiast,

Who else wants every must-have tool for running a successful business packaged neatly into one virtual toolbox?

If you've never started your own business online before, you've never had to take on the rising costs that pile up. It seems cheap at first, but then suddenly you're auctioning off your vintage record collection just to pay for it!

Let me ask you this question'

Truth Or Fiction: You need to spend $100 per month minimum to run a successful business online.

I can tell you right now, that Internet Guru after Internet Guru will answer solidly, FACT!

  • Giving up the cost of hosting a web site is just not an option. Without a site, you have no business on the web! (Cost: $4.95-$14.95/month)

  • Could you talk an Internet Guru out of using a list management service - one that allows him to send emails to his newsletter subscribers at will? Never! (Cost: $19.95-$49.95/month)

  • Could you talk an Internet Guru out of tracking all of his advertisements to see which ones are working? (Cost: $14.95-$29.95/month)

  • Could you talk an Internet Guru into throwing away his affiliate program? Not on your life. (Cost: $49.95-$69.95/month)

    You could just as soon abandon these services as sand could pick up and leave a beach. They are each no-discussion needed, downright necessary! (If you don't know why, let me tell you in just a second.)

    Total Cost: Between $99.80 and $174.80 each and every month - or over $1,200/year!

    Do you have enough money-making experience to start off your business with a $1,200 debt? When you could be getting the same for 80% less money?

    I am more impressed with the products and services provided than I have been with any other company I have ever done business with.

    I own several domain names and have used many different hosting companies; some less expensive and some more expensive. No one provides as much value for my money as your membership.

    You have always provided quick responses and outstanding support for my technical questions. (I'm not a techy) What's even more impressive is that you have helped me with technical issues not even related to my account with you. As I have told you several times when you have helped me with technical and marketing issues, 'YOU ARE THE GREATEST"

    John Fink

    I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE Your membership thus far. This server is absolutely great! NO PROBLEMS, thats a first for me! Thank you very much for providing such a great service at such an affordable price that I am still shocked.

    I have to admit, I was skeptical, but I'm glad GLAD I took you up on this!

    Anik Singal

    I can only speak highly of the responsive professional service I have had from you guys over the years I have been with you

    Russell James

    If you are an Internet marketer you need a webhost. And there are lots of them out there to choose amongst - including free ones.

    But beware! You would not risk your reputation or your similar to 100% up-time, right? And you would count on fast and high quality support, right? And welcome super-fast unlimited autoresponders and instant ad tracking and other important Internet tools, right? And being able to host up to 5 additional domains without paying a dime for it, right? On top of that you would not mind being able to earn greatly on an outstanding web hosting affiliate program, am I right?

    I've been a user of your membership Center for about 6 months now, and I'm so excited and satisfied with your  web hosting service and support that I can't find words for it. I really appreciate Kavi's personal engagement and expert support! If you are in the look for the very best web hosting service I sincerely recommend that you choose Norabots-Netprosoft Center. You simply can't get it any better.

    Eigil Tiedgen

    And The Most Important Reason For
    You To Start Your Own Business Is...

    Because it's what you've always dreamed of. Because you could use the money. Because it's fun! I know why I run my own business. It gives me the freedom I've always wanted.

    It's the difference between coming home from work dog-tired to plop on the couch' and taking the day off work to go jet-skiing.

    It's the difference between answering to an under-qualified, over-opinioned boss' and answering to your pig-tailed daughter's playful pleas to take a break from your business to play.

    It's the difference between waking up at 5 o'clock ready to go back to bed' and 9 o'clock ready to cook a delicious breakfast of French toast, bacon, and eggs.

    It's the difference that can change the course of your life for the better' once and for all!

    Only you know why you are determined to start your own business - and determined to succeed. But I know how to get you started on the right foot.

    The way to make all your dreams stay in your imagination, is to make sure you start down the right path. Don't get lost in the beginning. Don't start spending your money like a shop-a-holic trapped inside of Nordstrom.

    It's wise to stay smart and conserve funds. And you know what - just like in real life, the best way to save money'

    'is to buy in bulk!

    When You Step Through The Virtual Doors Of Norabots -Netprosoft Center , You Will Find...

    'a virtual toolbox is stocked so high for you, it'll be impossible to close.

    It made no sense to me to put 5 Internet tools into 5 different toolboxes. That's a one-way ticket to spending an unnecessary fortune - when those dollars should be staying in your pocket. Like giving your teenage daughter your credit card and dropping her off at the mall - you just shouldn't do it!

    You need web hosting. You need to run a newsletter. You need to track ads and run an affiliate program. And you need to make sure your customers' queries are attended to promptly and effectively without spam filters affecting delivery. (If you don't know why you need these tools, I'll tell you in just a second.)

    But you wouldn't buy a Whopper at Burger King, Fries at Mcdonalds, a cookie at Subway, and top it all of with a beverage at Taco Bell! Not when you can get the whole enchilada at just one place.

    The Norabots-Netprosoft enter is the whole enchilada. You won't waste money here.

    Especially when the services look like this'

    'Super Secure' Web Hosting For Your Business...

    If you can unlock a car door, you can put up your own business web site with the Norabots-Netprosoft Center (on our super fast Unix servers). And if you can't unlock a car door, we have the support to help you through each and every process.

    It's easier than ever before to get your own web site up and running. Just don't get bit along the way! You need to make sure you find a reliable web host.

    The hosting account we have waiting for you is one of the elite packages available on the net. To see what I mean, let me first warn you'

    Powerful And Affordable Hosting Account

    We cater for your personal and business needs, by providing high-quality hosting services for your websites, through our powerful Linux servers, hosted in a top-class datacenter. We have been providing hosting services since 2002, so we know our stuff when it comes to keeping clients websites online and accessible all the time.

    To keep things simple and easy, we have just one hosting plan with the following features and functionalities, If you understand tech talk, just look at this...:

    Unlimited disk space
    Unlimited bandwidth
    Unlimited add-on domains
    Unlimited mysql dbs
    Cpanel/Linux server
    One click script installer to install popular scripts like Wordpress, Joomla - more than 350 scripts available.
    99.9% Uptime
    Secured and Firewalled servers
    Instant account activation
    Cloudlinux Os for extra security and stability
    Web-based file manager to upload and manage your files
    Directory password protection feature so that you can password protect any folder or area of your websites
    Unlimited ftp accounts
    Unlimited sub-domains.
    One click account backup feature
    Phpmyadmin to allow you to manage your mysql database.
    Unlimited domain redirects
    MX and DNS record editor.
    SPF and DKIM for your domains so as to ensure proper authentication and delivery of your emails.
    Website statistics software - Awstats, Analog and Webalizer
    Latest visitors and bandwidth monitor
    Cron jobs
    Custom error pages
    Select your own php version
    Unlimited POP3 E-mail accounts
    Unlimited IMAP Email Accounts
    Server side includes
    SSH Access
    Image Hotlink protection
    Webmail access through Roundcube and Horde
    Free account transfer from another Cpanel host.
    Free email marketing package!
    Free email marketing package!

    A List Management, Auto-Responder, Newsletter Manager So You Can Talk To Your Subscribers Whenever You Wish...

    Tell any Internet Marketing pro that you don't have an online newsletter - and right after their jaw drops, they'll shout that you're running your business all wrong!

    Once you start collecting email addresses from visitors who WANT to give them to you - you'll automatically have a place to advertise, for free, say your next summer-time special. Or your next product release. Or a joint venture you've put together with a partner.

    Anytime you wish, you have an audience that is interested in your business at the tips of your fingers. That's what doing good business is all about!

    To send emails to potentially thousands of people at the same time, you have to sign up for a 'list management' service that will broadcast your message to all of your subscribers fast and efficiently. Every Internet Marketer uses one - and they usually run you anywhere from $19.95/month to $49.95/month. (Until now - just wait and see')

    But did you know that you can use an Auto Responder to send messages to your subscribers over and over again' without you touching a button!

    That's right, each time a visitor to your site decides to give you their email address, you can have a series of messages (that you may have written weeks ahead of time) sent to your new subscriber days, weeks, even months apart!

    Just think what you can do with this, while you're sitting at the beach!

    • Keep your name on you potential customers' thoughts! It's been said that you often need to contact a potential customer 7 times before they're ready to buy. You can follow up with your new subscribers - email by email - hammering in the most important benefits of your product or service little by little' while keeping your business fresh in their mind.

    • Note:Many of the pro's do this to fight the competition. You can use an auto-responder to send a 3, 5, or 14 part training course on your topic to prove to your new subscribers that you are an authority on your subject' and they should buy from YOU and no one else.

    • Generate more profits by pushing 'Back End' sales! When you gain a new customer, it's best to let them know you're there if they need any help with their new product. It's also a great opportunity to stay in touch and let them know about the other products and services you have to offer. This is called 'back end' sales and major corporations all over the world consider it money in the bank.

    • Gain credibility for your high priced services by delivering a series of 'Special Reports' designed to build value for your work - while putting you on the top of the list as their number one option.

    • Run your newsletter through your auto-responder account! Your auto-responder doubles as a list-manager - allowing you to send out announcements, advertisements, promotions' or anything else you can come up with, to your subscribers at anytime.

    • And anything else your imagination comes up with!

    With the Norabots-Netprosoft Center, you can set up'

    Unlimited Auto-Responder Accounts with Unlimited Follow-Ups!

    If you look around, you might find a couple of services that allow you to set up unlimited auto-responder accounts but limit the number of times you can contact your subscribers. Or you may find you can send as many follow up messages as you'd like, but you only get one auto-responder account from which to do it.

    And yet they'll still charge you at least $19.95 per month.

    It's basic Internet lore; The money is in the list. Effectively manage and broadcast information to your list of customers and prospects anytime... keeping them up to date with your latest products and special offers. Boost your sales with automatic email follow-ups acting as virtual assistants, even while you’re out having fun in the sun. And most important of all, First class email delivery rates that will get your message across all the major isps. With 8+ years in the email sending business, we know how to get your message into your subscribers' inbox.

    With the Norabots-Netprosoft Center, you get unlimited accounts with unlimited follow-ups, auto personalization, unlimited access, text and html messages, full database of your list and much, much more...

    Here's What You Get With Your Norabots-Netprosoft  Pro Autoresponders...

    Unlimited Autoresponders.
    Unlimited Follow-Up Messages
    Up to 3000 subscribers in your lists (Higher subscribers plans available)
    Add attachments to any email in your follow-up series.
    Send out emails in HTML and/or text.
    Analyze your profitability with detailed autoresponder statistics.
    Custom data fields, so all you have to do is ask to gather info about your subscribers.
    Blog RSS broadcaster that will allow you to have your new blog entries automatically emailed to your autoresponder subscribers.
    Follow-up log to see how your messages are being sent.
    Daily email report that will give you detailed stats on each autoresponder for a 24 hour period.
    Copy all messages from another autoresponder in the system. A great time saver.
    Allow your visitors to subscribe through an online form or simply by sending a blank email to a unique email address provided by the system.
    Form generating wizard that will create the appropriate html code to put on your website so that your visitors can easily subscribe.
    Automatically redirect visitors to a url of your choice after they have subscribed and also when they have confirmed their email
    Automatically move subscribers from one autoresponder to another after they've reached the end of their current followup sequence.
    CAN SPAM compliant.
    Use the message scheduler to send a message on a particular date/time... days, weeks or even months ahead of time.
    A Global broadcaster that lets you email all your subscribers from different lists... without sending duplicates.
    Take advantage of our built-in SPAM score tester to help ensure your emails get to your prospects' Inbox.
    Split testing feature to see which of your message has the highest open/click rate.
    Automatic unsubscribe link is included in all outgoing message.
    Block & ban subscribers.
    Bounced emails are automatically noted and taken care of behind the scenes.
    Instant, automatic archives of every email you send.
    Archive all your messages for future reference.
    Double opt-in system to protect you against spam complaints.
    Built in WYSIWYG editor to create appealing html messages.
    Open rate and click rate tracker allows you to know how well your email campaign is doing.
    Personalize your messages with the personal information of the subscriber and up to 10 additional custom fields.
    Get notifications when a new subscriber joins any of your list.
    List segmentation feature allows you to reach as little or as many subscribers as you want depending on criteria that you specify.

eCommerce Solution


Sell unlimited products.

Store and manage data for unlimited customers.

Manage an army of affiliates with our affiliate managment control panel

Create as many shopping carts you need.

Sell tangible, digital and membership products effortlessly..

Auto signup customers to new autoresponder & remove from another one.

Customizable thank you page for each product.

Ad code manager for each product - for affiliate promotion.

Customer statistics.

Create unlimited pdf documents using our simple to use html editor. That's right, you write your ebook just like you'd create a normal html page and our software will convert it into a pdf document.

Send unique download links to every customer automatically.

Unlimited support desks. You can create one for each of your websites., and are fully integrated to give you more flexibility... and more payment processors are being added.

Allow your website visitors and joint venture partners to automatically sign-up for your affiliate program.

Mailing list feature that will allow you to keep in touch with your affiliates. Great for announcing new products, affiliate contests etc. All outgoing messages can contain an unsubscribe link so that the affiliate can cancel his/her account if they no longer wish to be part of your affiliate sales force.

Membership Manager to allow you to remotely protect any folder on your website - Members can register with your website using a simple form - Automated password finder - Password protect any folder on any number of websites - Customizable registration pages.

Generate unlimited contact forms for your websites.

Track unlimited ad campaigns with your Tracker account. There's no reason why you can't track how many visitors your ezine ad sent you while still running a banner ad on a partner web site. You shouldn't settle for anything less.

Detailed statistics will reveal how many unique clicks your ads are getting - including information on the visitor's operating system, browser, date and time of visit, and even the webpage from where your ad was clicked on. A great way to discover which advertising methods are making you money - and which are draining your wallet.

Traffic reports are recorded in real-time and can be generated with the click of a mouse.

Receive daily, weekly or monthly reports directly into your email box spelling out how many clicks each one of your ad campaigns have generated' automatically!and much, much more...

Zero transaction fees.

Website automation has been very effective in helping webmasters change their websites from boring to customer attractions. The benefits of website automation can not be ignored. The many aspects and tools involved make a website a place customers want to visit and a placethey like to come back to often. Website automation can mean the difference between big sales and mediocre business.

All For The Low Cost Of $17.95/Month!

Yes, I want to take advantage of this special offer for just $1.00 for the first 15 days.

I also understand that this offer is backed by a 60 days UNCONDITIONAL money-back guarantee. If for ANY reason, I am not satisfied with the service, I will receive a FULL refund - NO questions asked.

I have read the Terms of service and Anti spam policy and agree to abide to it.

FOR JUST $1.00

Your initial charge will be $1 for a 15 day trial. You will then be charged monthly for $17.95 until you cancel your subscription.



Thank You for Reading

Norabots-Netprosoft Center

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P.S. Yes! Finally you can take advantage of just ONE service that will allow you to put up a site, run a newsletter, track ads, start an affiliate program for less money than even ONE of these services might cost else where. And then there are the bonuses - how could you forget the bonuses!

P.P.S. You really can't delay. There's no guarantee that our servers won't be filled up by tonight. You need to reserve your spot today. Demand your spot here.

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